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Company profile
Suzhou Anke Zhongda Purification Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997,formerly known as Suzhou anda purification Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., focuses on the air purification industry. After more than 30 years of development, it has made great progress and established the provincial professional center "anda Technology Industrial Park". The company is committed to semiconductor, precision electronics, new energy, new materials, photovoltaic cells and modules, optical fiber and optical cable, scientific experiments, biomedicine and other industries with special requirements for the air environment, such as purification and decoration, planning and design of mechanical and electrical installation engineering, construction and installation, maintenance, technical consultation and so on. After 20 years of long-term adherence to integrity management, the company has accumulated a large number of talents High quality long-term cooperation with customers, leaving a very good reputation for cooperation in the industry also left a good reputation, the company's performance year after year hit a new high. In 2012, the company adopted the equity incentive mechanism to stabilize the core team, enhance the sense of ownership of employees, and inject new vitality into the enterprise's take-off again. Customers throughout the country 29 provinces and autonomous regions and Southeast Asia and Africa. In 2020, the company will become the first air purification project cooperative service provider of Huawei 5g cloud system, providing greater technical support for intelligent management and service of the project!
The company has a number of technical personnel at all levels and in all professions, including 8 senior engineers and first-class constructors, more than 60 technical engineers, second-class constructors and senior technicians, and 80% of the company's employees are college students or above. Three products have been awarded "high tech products of Jiangsu Province" successively, with a number of invention and utility model patents. The company's qualification is grade II (merged) of "professional construction of air purification engineering", the highest qualification in the original air purification industry. At present, it has grade I qualification of "professional contracting of building mechanical and electrical installation engineering", grade II qualification of "professional contracting of Building Decoration Engineering" and grade II qualification of "fire protection engineering" Second grade qualification of construction engineering professional contracting. It has its own after-sales service team composed of fixed staff, which can timely, effectively and conveniently solve the problems of customers in the use of the project. At the same time, it has won the trust of a large number of long-term fixed cooperative customers, and made the enterprise embark on the track of sound development.

development history
In 1997, Suzhou anda purification Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of the company) was registered.
In 2000, the supporting production base of Wujiang anda purification project was established
In 2003, the company obtained the third grade qualification of air purification, and the specific photoelectric industry accounted for more than 60% of the country.
In 2012, in order to ensure the stable and sustainable development of the enterprise, Suzhou Anke Zhongda Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was established in early 2012 through shareholding system reform, and the original technical management team was retained.
In 2014, the company obtained the highest level II air purification service qualification and decoration level II qualification in the purification industry, and the company's total cooperation projects exceeded 500.
In 2015, the provincial entrepreneurship center was established: anda science and technology park
In 2019, the company obtained the first-class qualification of mechanical and electrical installation, accumulated cooperation projects exceeded 800, and annual turnover exceeded 100 million.
In 2020, the company obtained the second level qualification of fire-fighting facilities, became the first cooperation unit of Huawei 5g cloud air purification project, and was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

In 2022,it will be awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise and introduce the Xinzhongda Cloud Project Management System,with a contract output value of nearly 300 million yuan.
Company advantages
Advantage a has been engaged in purification engineering professional construction for more than 20 years, has a large number of technical construction management team of specialists, and has rich professional experience and good reputation;
After more than 20 years of business accumulation, advantage B company has been recognized by a large number of customers and gained a good reputation. More than 85% of the annual contract value of the company comes from the introduction and recommendation of the original customers;
Advantage C company's qualification has reached the highest qualification of purification industry (purification level 2 and electromechanical level 1). The company provides customers with high cost-effective packaged comprehensive services;
Advantage D is a professional after-sales service team composed of the company's regular employees, which can provide customers with fast, thoughtful and professional services, which is also the core reason for the company to win customer recognition, and also the foundation for the company's long-term and stable development.

Service area
The four fields include: optical electronics, new energy, new materials, optical fiber and cable, scientific experiment, medicine, precision processing and other industries with special requirements for air environment, purification and decoration, planning and design of mechanical and electrical installation engineering, construction and installation, maintenance and technical consultation, etc.
Field 1 Laboratory: mainly cooperates with universities, scientific research institutes, company R & D and other related biomedical, experimental animal, physical optics, chemistry and other laboratories.
Field 2 electronic industry: mainly cooperate with manufacturers in workshops of photovoltaic solar energy, lithium battery, optical fiber and cable, semiconductor, chip, precision processing, touch screen, optical film, liquid crystal display, etc.
Three areas of medical and pharmaceutical services: mainly serving medicine, R & D and manufacturing of medical devices, hospital operating rooms, sterile wards, centers for disease control, etc.
Other fields: including the related fields with special requirements for air purification environment: such as anti-static room, high temperature aging workshop, constant temperature and humidity warehouse, etc.

Scope of services
Water heating and ventilation engineering: including purification air conditioning supply, return, exhaust and fresh air system, cold and hot water pipe, pure water pipe, steam pipe, ozone sterilization system, water supply and drainage system, etc.
Purification decoration part: including sealed door, window, partition, ceiling, ground treatment, etc.
Electrical engineering: including lighting, power, automatic control, monitoring, access control, cloud service, network socket and telephone system of strong and weak current parts.
Peripheral facilities: including air conditioning unit, water pump, water tower, pure water unit, air compressor, sterilization cabinet, etc.
Auxiliary purification facilities: including air shower, goods shower, clothes and shoes cabinet, transfer window, worktable, fume hood, biological safety cabinet, hand washing and drying, hand disinfector, etc.
Construction and inspection application, waste gas treatment, chemical treatment, auxiliary facilities, etc.

Company reality