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Advantages of using anti-corrosion electronic workshops
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In industrial production, air conditioning also plays an important role. However, in corrosive production workshops, equipment can corrode, resulting in reduced performance and significantly shortened service life, which affects normal production.

Anti corrosion air conditioning refers to air conditioning systems used to improve production and living environments in environments with severe corrosion. Mainly used in highly corrosive working environments, such as ships, paint factories, paper mills, etc., special materials are used to isolate the required materials from air, water, etc., and then improve the quality of the required materials to achieve the goal of preventing corrosion. Anti corrosion air conditioning is a special anti-corrosion treatment applied to the material surface of its spare parts, which improves its anti-corrosion ability and enables it to work stably and effectively in harsh environments.

We take the anti-corrosion of a paper mill as a case study. During the season change, we noticed that your air contains corrosive gases such as sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide, etc. Industrial anti-corrosion air conditioners can target these corrosive gases. From research and development, design, and selection of accessories, the corrosiveness of the paper mill is taken into consideration. The key parts of the system undergo special anti-corrosion treatment, which can solve the corrosion of air conditioners and copper pipes, and increase the service life of the air conditioner. The cooling capacity range of anti-corrosion air conditioning can reach 8KW-210KW, and the air volume range can reach 1500m ³/ H-37000m ³/ h. Meet the local air conditioning needs of large and small spaces.
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