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What are the requirements for a good staircase purification electronic workshop
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A clean workshop is a workspace that uses purification technology and equipment to clean and purify the air, water, and surface of objects in the original workshop, in order to meet certain cleanliness requirements. In order to ensure the safe, effective, and sustainable operation of clean workshops, various countries and industries have also formulated corresponding clean workshop standard requirements.

1、 Air standard requirements for clean workshops

1. Air cleanliness standard requirements: The cleanliness requirements in clean workshops are determined according to the requirements of different industries. For example, clean workshops in the electronics industry require an air cleanliness level of 100 (i.e. no more than 100 particles of 0.1 micrometers or more per cubic meter of air), and the biopharmaceutical industry requires an air cleanliness level of 10000. Specific cleanliness standards can refer to ISO14644-1 and GB/T16292.

2. Air flow rate standard requirements: The air flow rate in the clean workshop is also determined according to different industry requirements. The general requirement is that the air flow rate in the clean workshop should be 0.2-0.5 meters per second.

3. Temperature and humidity standard requirements: The temperature and humidity in the clean workshop are also determined according to the requirements of different industries. The electronic industry requires a temperature between 18-26 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity between 45% -65%; The pharmaceutical industry requires temperatures between 20-24 degrees Celsius and relative humidity between 35% -45%.

2、 Construction standard requirements for clean workshop construction

1. Floor: The floor in the clean workshop should be flat, without holes, easy to clean, dust-free, and free from cracks.

2. Wall: The wall in the clean workshop should be flat, free of bumps, burrs, and gaps, making it easy to clean.

3. Ceiling: The ceiling in the clean workshop should be flat, seamless, and easy to clean. The structure should also reduce condensation and dripping.

4. Doors and windows: The doors and windows in the clean workshop are required to have good sealing, be flat without bumps or bumps, have a surface that is easy to clean, and the door leaf should automatically close.

3、 Standard requirements for clean room equipment

1. Equipment materials: The equipment materials in the clean workshop must be free of burrs, surface oxidation, odors, and peeling.

2. Equipment cleanliness: The equipment in the clean workshop is required to maintain cleanliness and is not allowed to contain pollutants such as dust, debris, and stains. For equipment that requires frequent replacement of components, it is required to clean it before replacement to avoid contamination of the clean workshop.

3. Equipment operation: The equipment in the clean workshop is required to run smoothly and must not produce phenomena such as vibration, noise, and electromagnetic radiation that affect cleanliness. The equipment must comply with corresponding standards and requirements, such as the use of anti-static equipment in clean workshops in the electronics industry.

4、 Standard requirements for personnel in clean rooms

1. Personnel attire: Personnel entering the clean room are required to wear clean clothing and shoe covers that meet the requirements to avoid dust and pollutants from clothing and shoe soles. According to the requirements of different industries, the level and material of clean clothing also vary.

2. Personnel behavior: Personnel entering the clean room need to receive corresponding training and guidance, understand the standard requirements and operating procedures of the clean room, and comply with the relevant regulations of the clean room. They are not allowed to move equipment and items arbitrarily, and are not allowed to eat, smoke, or spit phlegm in the workshop.

5、 Standard requirements for clean room testing

The cleanliness of the clean workshop needs to be regularly tested and verified to ensure that it meets the standard requirements. Testing can be carried out through physical and microbiological methods, and adjustments and improvements can be made based on the test results.

6、 Requirements for maintenance standards in clean rooms

The equipment and environment in the clean workshop require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure normal operation and cleanliness. Maintenance includes equipment cleaning, replacing filters and lamps, inspecting pipelines and valves, and other related tasks. At the same time, it is necessary to establish corresponding maintenance records and archives to track and evaluate maintenance work.

In summary, all aspects of the clean room standards are required to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and sustainable development of the clean room. The standard requirements vary among different industries and countries, but they all require strict implementation and supervision. The construction and operation of a clean workshop require the participation of all staff, forming a sense of wholeness, and jointly maintaining the cleanliness and environment of the clean workshop.

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